TiVo, With Pepperoni and Anchovies

We think we have it pretty good here in the good old U.S. of A. We have Hannah Montana, a new puppy for the White House, and we've had TiVo for years.  Years and years. Folks in Australia might not seem so lucky. They just got TiVo, right in time for the Beijing Games.

In fact, to get up and running in time for the Opening Ceremonies, they had to rush their version of TiVo to market, before it was fully ready.

However, they're making up for it, in a way that will make your mouth water . . .

Hang on for the mouth-watering part for a minute. Starting next week, TiVo is going to offer a free movie per week until March.

But, here's the good part. Starting in 2009, users in Australia will be able to order pizza through their TiVo!  Yup. Without getting off the couch, a pizza is ordered and on its way to your front door. Couch slouches rejoice!  Oh happy day! And, they're promising "food orders" in addition to just pizza.  Do I smell moo shu shrimp?

There are over 100 movies available for download, and DVD orders can also be placed through the device.

Before you pack up your house and renew your passport, check out the price tag: over $450 for that new-fangled TiVo.  Besides, is Australian pizza really all that? —Leslie Shapiro