TiVo HD gets Unbox'ed with Amazon

While it's not big news that Amazon's Unbox has partnered with TiVo, it is news that HD content will also be available. Unbox is the service that lets you buy and download movies and TV shows directly from Amazon to your PC or broadband-connected TiVo DVR. A spokesman from TiVo is reported to say that the companies will launch HD service "in the not too distant future." While HD content availability is limited for subscribers by bandwidth constraints, the provider companies are working frantically to try to broaden their capabilities. The rep from TiVo said that the service will be limited by bandwidth. That's pretty understandable. 

Unboxlogovalueprop_v31920982_ Standard def Unbox is currently available, but there's no official word on how long consumers will have to wait to get HD media on the Unbox/TiVo pipeline. It's exciting to think about the options for people with no other access to HD content. Unbox, TiVo, and HD: a winning trifecta.-Leslie Shapiro
Unbox on TiVo