TiVo On The Go

TiVo has offered remote scheduling via cell phone for a while now, but it wasn't exactly a simple process, and it wasn't available to everyone. Until now. TiVo just launched TiVo Mobile, a free website optimized for the mobile phone market. It's easy to use from any mobile platform, carrier or browser.  Woohoo!

Next time I forget to record Boston Legal, I'm covered. Not only can I see what's on, I can program my home TiVo to record, from anywhere.

Plus, it's not restricted to TiVo subscribers. Anyone can log on and browse through the guide to see what's on TV through any Internet-enabled phone.

So, where do you point your browser?

IMGP2958 Go to m.tivo.com to get to the site that's optimized for mobile phones. Searching is easy, recording just a few clicks away. Folks with limited data plans will appreciate the streamlined experience.

"TiVo started out making television a more convenient, personal
experience, and this is the next step to give television lovers total
control over their media. Whether you are standing in line at the bank
or talking about a new show with friends at dinner, you can now find
and record shows whenever, wherever, a perfect tool for everyone,"
said Jim Denney, vice president of product marketing at TiVo Inc.

Heading out of town for the holidays? Instead of spending the night before programming your TiVo, set up your recordings while on the go!  Well, do it if someone else is driving, okay? —Leslie Shapiro