THX-Certified . . . Doors?

THX-certified drywall too. No, really - we're not making this stuff up. Serious Materials is a company that makes acoustic doors and drywall for home theaters, recording studios, cinemas and more. The QuietHome line of soundproof doors are significantly more efficient at blocking sound than traditional hollow-core or even solid-core doors.

John Dahl, director of education at THX said, "At THX, we believe great sound and picture is achieved through the right mix of audio-video components, room design, sound isolation and acoustic performance. For maximum enjoyment of your favorite movies and music, you have to keep the noise out and the sound in. THX-Certified QuietHome Doors - along with THX-Certified QuietRock - help deliver that great listening experience."

If you have to ask how much they cost, you can't afford them. Well, we'll tell you just in case you're curious.

The basic QuietHome Doors are 1-3/4" thick, and the THX-Certified QuietHome doors are 2-1/4" thick. Prices range from $1,495 to $2,495. They're available online here. It should be noted that THX certification is pending final testing and approval by THX, Ltd.

To complete your home theater build, you should use Serious Material's QuietRock soundproof drywall. QuietRock 545 THX is the only drywall that is currently certified by THX.

Lemme know when they come out with a THX-Certified dog. Sign me up for the first litter of pups. -Leslie Shapiro

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