Target LRW Racks: Ideal for Video

You've got a gorgeous new 16:9 CRT or plasma display. Sleek and modern, it looks totally at odds with your old wooden furniture. Now, you need some sturdy high-tech apparatus to put it on.

Target Audio Products PLC has been perfecting versatile, rigid, non-resonant shelving for years. Of particular interest to home theater fans are two of the company's LRX series racks, the LRW3 and LRW4, with three and four shelves respectively, and dimensions of 19.4" H x 38.6" W x 18.2" D, for the three-shelf version and 25.8" H for the four-shelf model. The shelf frames bolt into rigid uprights---selectable at 1.5" intervals---and the shelves themselves are available in either wood or glass.

The LRW shelving units make excellent video carts with the addition of casters, or can be used as stationary units with spike feet installed. One of the most attractive features is the variety of colors Target can supply. Standard colors are Matt Black, Piano Black and Plum, but at least nine other colors are available at an additional charge, including Gloss White, two shades of green, one of blue, and several varieties of flecked finishes ideal for modern settings. Target racks are distributed in North America by May Audio Marketing.