Tablo ‘Cord Cutter’ DVRs Get New Recording Options

Nuvyyo today announced a significant expansion of recording options for its hardware-based Tablo DVRs. Aimed at cord cutters, the DVRs are built to record over-the-air (OTA) TV programming.

Once updated to the latest firmware (2.2.18), owners of Tablo 2-Tuner, Tablo 4-Tuner, and Tablo Dual 64GB OTA DVRs will have more control over their recordings, according to the company. New features include the ability to…

• Start recordings up to 10 minutes early and end up to 3 hours after the scheduled program time
• Retain all episodes or only a select number of airings
• Choose which channel to record from if multiple channels are airing a favorite program

The new features can be applied to single airings or to an entire series and require an active Tablo subscription.

“We believe Tablo now offers best mix of feature set, ease-of-use, and cross-device support of any antenna DVR solution,” said Nuvyyo CEO Grant Hall.

The new recording settings can be accessed via the Tablo Channel on Roku and Tablo apps for Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Android TV, Nvidia Shield TV, PCs, Macs, and mobile devices.

Nuvyyo said the recording features will be made available on additional Tablo-supported devices and Tablo platforms, including the Tablo DVR Engine for Nvidia Shield TV in the coming months.

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