SVS to Unveil Multipurpose Height Speaker at CES

SVS announced plans to unveil a multipurpose speaker at CES designed to convey height information in Atmos and DTS:X “immersive surround sound” setups or serve as a surround-channel or center speaker in setups where conventional placement is not possible.

Dubbed the SVS Prime Elevation, the speaker has a trapezoid-shaped enclosure, with a 1-inch aluminum dome tweeter and 4.5-inch polypropylene woofer, designed for mounting on a stand or on the ceiling or wall. The speaker is said to be acoustically engineered to deliver the same performance regardless of how it’s positioned and has a precision-machined front baffle with chamfers to reduce tweeter diffraction. Rated frequency response is 69 Hz-25 kHz ± 3dB.

SVS says the speaker can be used in the following ways:

  • As a down-firing height speaker, mounted high on a side wall
  • As an up-firing height speaker, placed on stands or atop a tower speaker
  • As an up-firing or down-firing front or center-channel speaker with projector screens or where placement at ear level is not possible
  • As a side or rear-firing surround speaker, when placement on a side or rear wall is not optimal for the most convincing side- or back-surround effects

A pair of Prime Elevation speakers can be wired for bipole or dipole surround operation, according to SVS.

The compact speaker includes a flexible wall bracket kit for mounting the speaker in one of four positions. Finish options include gloss black, gloss white, and black ash with a hand-painted satin baffle.

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