S&V Poll: Lack of OLED Was the Biggest CES Story

The results of this week’s survey are in. We asked for your take on the most compelling story of 2014 CES and the decided lack of activity in OLED TV raked in the most votes, capturing nearly one third of all. The preponderance of 4K/Ultra HD TVs was deemed to be the second most important story, followed closely by the LG’s 77-inch hybrid OLED/Ultra HD TV. Here’s the complete breakdown…

29% – The lack of OLED TVs and the fact that OLED took a (way) backseat to Ultra HD

19% – The explosion of 4K/Ultra HD TVs, which were introduced by virtually every brand

17% – LG’s announcement of a 77-inch hybrid OLED/Ultra HD TV

13% – Sets designed for high dynamic range, or “HDR,” which aims to replicate the real-world “pop” of bright areas in an image

9% – The announcement that Netflix will begin streaming 4K content

5% – When hotshot Hollywood director Michael Bay walked off stage at a Samsung press conference when the teleprompter failed

3% – Other (please tell us what we missed in Comments)

2% – Sony’s introduction of its first consumer 4K camcorder

2% – Dolby’s demonstration of a glasses-free 3D system in which 3D depth can be adjusted

1% – The explosion of “smart TVs”—sets with built-in Internet capabilities and new user interfaces

1% – Samsung’s announcement of a 110-inch Ultra HD TV (that will sell for $150,000).

0% – TV makers embracing curved screens for many of their new 4K/Ultra HD TVs

Stay tuned for our next poll and feel free to suggest topics/questions.