Survey Says...

While LCD televisions are seeming to reign supreme in the marketplace, a surprising figure was revealed in a recent survey conducted by DisplaySearch, a North American research firm, about the number two spot. Picture-tube CRT TVs, in all their non-skinny, non-sexy bulky squareness, outsold plasmas in the first quarter of 2008! I know, shocking! What could possibly be the reason?

According to the research company in a report in The NY  Times, the economy is to blame. Isn't it always? People know they need to get digital TVs before the switch to digital broadcasts in 2009, but they're not willing to pay for LCD or plasma.

Now, don't think you can just waltz into your high-end home theater retailer and pick up a CRT model. Most of the major CE stores have stopped carrying them. But, considering the boom in Wal-Mart's electronics sales, it's not surprising to learn that they still sell lots of CRT models.

Worldwide, sales of tube TVs are surprisingly robust. LCD takes second chair. According to the NYT's article, 22.1 million CRT sets were sold globally, while a close 21.1 million LCD sets were sold in the first quarter of 2008.

With the economy struggling, it's easy to understand why sales of econo-featured sets are taking off. However, the survey also revealed that very expensive large-screened models, 50-inch and more, are still selling strong. Guess not everyone is feeling the pinch these days. Let's go watch TV at their house.-Leslie Shapiro