Survey: Tariffs on TVs From China Would Cost U.S. Consumers Millions

The Trump administration's proposed tariffs on television sets from China would increase the price Americans pay for TVs, costing U.S. consumers an estimated $711 million over the next year, according to a new study commissioned by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) and National Retail Federation (NRF).

"These proposed tariffs are bad for the economy, businesses, and American consumers," said Gary Shapiro, CTA president and CEO. "For TVs, just one of the 1,300 products on the administration's list, American pocketbooks will suffer. Now that China has expressed some willingness to open its market and strengthen protection of intellectual property, the Trump administration should immediately initiate negotiations."

The study looks at the estimated impacts of 25 percent tariffs on imports of TVs and other product categories from China, and concludes the proposed tariffs would increase prices on TVs from China by 23 percent and increase prices for all TVs by 4 percent. A TV made in China that costs $250 today would cost $308 after the tariffs are applied, and one that costs $500 today would cost $615 after the tariffs are applied.

"China's unfair trade practices must be addressed, but as this study shows, tariffs aren't the answer and will punish U.S. consumers in the form of higher prices," said NRF president and CEO Matthew Shay. "If these tariffs take effect, they will force American families to pay more for TVs and other products. We urge the administration to avoid taxing Americans through tariffs and instead work with our like-minded trading partners and develop a serious, long-term strategy to pressure China to play by the rules."

The full study is available at

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What a crockpot of a survey this is all unknown and there is no way to conduct a non bias survey yet. Terrible to even post this garbage

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Honestly, TV's are ridiculously cheap and good if you've been in this game for any amount of time at all. If going up 23% is going to help address unfair trade balances, this seems like a good category to apply it to.

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...China just needs to pay their child labor even less so they can pass the savings on to Americans.

ORRRR....maybe this is just a negotiating tactic to get China to the table and play fair.

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Has this publication ever reviewed a hisense tv? Americans were buying TVs long before Chinese sets came to our shores. Thank you for telling us how to feel. Perhaps you should stick to technical reviews and not politics. So many things are written by sv staff, does anyone want to take credit for their words and opinions here?

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The information in this article came from a study by the Consumer Technology Association (formerly Consumer Electronics Association) and the National Retail Federation. Don't shoot the messenger.

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...for a factual, helpful post. Some people here are pretty eager to make everything political, aren't they?

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Not to worry, Trump's handlers are already ego massaging him back in line.

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I recall a golden age when TVs were made in this nation. New England had many electronic manufacturers, why not again? We need the middle class back, I don't think paying 30% more for a TV I might buy once every five years is a bad trade off. Of course the reality is far more complex then that, but is it not time we start the serious discussion? I am by no means a Trump voter or general supporter, but I agree with him on this.