Streaming HDTV Appears At Comdex This Week

This week, 2netFX, which specializes in providing streaming technology for intranet and broadband Internet media delivery, has announced that its new HDTV-over-IP streaming technology will be featured in a live demonstration of Gigabit Ethernet over fiber in conjunction with World Wide Packets at Comdex in Las Vegas. The new approach is intended to enable Internet Service Providers, cable television companies, and telecommunication carriers to base new services on HDTV technology.

According to 2netFX, the company's new technology is the first to offer multicast streaming of HDTV-quality video across ordinary network environments, including LAN/WAN, Satellite, ATM and Gigabit Ethernet. Supporting both live and pre-recorded file transmission from 10 Mbps to 50 Mbps, the company claims that its HDTV-over-IP technology delivers the most visually stunning and content-rich video experience possible on a network so far.

2netFX explains that its HDTV-over-IP technology centers around IP/multicast, utilizing IP-based networks to deliver streams of data to consumers, whether in the same room or on the other side of the world. The company says it has developed a set of client and server tools that make it easy to deliver multicast applications that transmit, select, view, capture, store, and forward MPEG and HDTV video over an IP broadband network. According to 2netFX, with HDTV-over-IP, digitally compressed HDTV-quality videos can be streamed over any broadband IP network via IP/multicast to a virtually limitless number of clients, without requiring HDTV antennas or HD-capable satellite dishes.

World Wide Packets says, it is developing products that leverage the "infinite capacity" of fiber optics, the predominance of IP protocol, and the simplicity of Ethernet to deliver at least 1000 times the performance over current broadband alternatives. The company adds that the HDTV-over-IP capabilities provided by 2netFX are essential elements in developing high bandwidth solutions for users in both national and international markets.

World Wide Packets' Octavio Morales states that "the key to delivering bundled services revolves around providing video capabilities at the right price point. Without a doubt, digital video is extremely attractive because it offers higher quality, greater interactivity, and more flexibility than analog, at a lower cost. One of the things we really like about 2netFX's technology is that it provides a replacement for expensive and complex analog television transmissions."

2netFX's William Reed adds "our HDTV-over-IP streams can be viewed in their full quality on most standard PC monitors. This lets users take full advantage of the World Wide Packets' optical broadband connectivity without the need for expensive HDTV sets."