Stereo VCR, Projection TV Sales Jump a Little in January

This year began with a strong performance in the video market, confirming previous forecasts of a vibrant holiday season. According to data released by the Consumer Electronics Manufacturers Association (CEMA), total January video shipments to US hardware dealers rose 8% to nearly 2.8 million units. Color televisions represented more than half that volume, sporting a 20% rise. In fact, color TVs enjoyed their best January sales since 1993.

Shipments of projection TVs also rose 20%, reaching sales of 75,000 units compared to 62,000 units in the same period one year ago. Projection TVs experienced their best January sales levels ever, as did camcorders, which rose from 213,000 to 229,000 units sold.

Approximately 383,500 DVD players have been sold to dealers since their introduction in March 1997. VCR decks exceeded the normal January sales levels, with 892,000 units moved, although sales were down 9% compared to January 1997's unusually high sales. TV/VCR combinations fell 5% to 134,000 units shipped. Stereo VCR shipments rose 11% and now comprise more than half of the total VCR market.