Steinway Lyngdorf’s $22,000 S-Series Page 2


Although I got just a quick listen to the system using Steinway Lyngdorf’s demo CD, I was blown away by what I heard. The sound was neutral and natural—when Lyngdorf played the Bob Marley classic “Jammin’,” Marley’s vocal sounded remarkably clear and perfectly imaged between the two speakers, while the background vocals wrapped around me, seeming to come from the sides of the room.

The Sheffield Drum & Track Disc provided a killer demo of the system’s dynamics. Some of the drum hits were frighteningly loud, an experience I’ve gotten only from extremely large and powerful systems such as the 200-pound Krell Resolution 1 speakers I own. “It plays as loud as a small P.A. system,” Lyngdorf said without the slightest hint of braggadocio. 

Steinway Lyngdorf amplifiers and processorAlthough the S15 and S210 can be used in any configuration, including stereo or surround sound, a typical system includes two S15s, two S210s, two amps, an SP1 and a simple remote. The speakers and sub are available in black or silver. Price for the whole schmear is $22,100. Seems like a lot, but I’ve heard complete systems at many times the price that didn’t impress me half as much.