Computer Game Concept Art

Most video games, especially the big-name, high-budget ones, are created by a huge team of people. Some are in charge of how the game plays, others design the levels, others still do the sound.

Before the nuts and bytes get tightened, most games start with an idea. To give the entire team a visual representation of what the "look" of the game is going to be, most companies hire a concept artist, just like movies do.

This concept art can give the game a direction, but on their own, they can be fascinating visual adventures in their own right. Here's some brilliant art from some recent games, and some info on the incredibly talented artists behind them.

Paul Chadeisson - Remember Me

This is actually what gave me the idea for this article. I'm a huge fan of sci-fi art like this, and have loved Chadeisson's work for a while. I remember seeing these images (also, the one at the top of this page) a few years ago, and when I was playing Remember Me for a review in the next issue, something about the visual style caused me to, um, remember these images.

Dylan Cole - Assassin's Creed II, Various

The one above is from Assassin's Creed II, but it's not even his coolest work. He does a lot of matte painting for movies too. Here's a creation for a Halo game that got cancelled.

OK, not completely on target, but I just love this image, one of his personal creations.