Computer Game Concept Art Page 2

Daniel Dociu - Guild Wars, Guild Wars 2, Various

Daniel Dociu is Chief Art Director at NCSoft, so the visual look of the Guild Wars games owes a lot to him. He was also one of the winners of this year's Into the Pixel contest at E3 for the image above.

Nicolas "Sparth" Bouvier - Halo 4, Various

I've never been a big fan of the Halo series, but Sparth's designs for 4 make me want to check it out.

Jesse Van Dijk - Destiny, Killzone 3, Various

Speaking of Halo, Bungie's next game, Destiny, has some pretty incredible art already, thanks to Jesse Van Dijk (check out my E3 coverage for some more on Destiny). This guy's stuff is great. He did some art for Killzone 3 too.

These are two of my favorites of his. They aren't for games, they're just cool:

Some more places

If you love this stuff like I do, here are some other websites to check out for regular sci-fi art awesomeness:

Into the Pixel awards


And I can't resist, because she's one of my favorite artists (as well as the cover artist for my two novels), ClaraMoon


If you've got any sites that you think I should check out, please let me know!