Periodic Launches 'No-Compromise' In-Ear Monitors

Periodic Audio, formed last year by consumer electronics veterans Daniel Wiggins and Mike Kim and backed by a team of engineers with deep audio experience, introduced its first in-ear monitors over the weekend at the CanJam NYC headphone expo.

The company’s first three models, described as using “materials and processes common to far costlier products,” range in price from $99 to $299 and will be available in early March. All models are made of polycarbonate, chosen for its inherent flexibility and acoustical damping properties, and feature a proprietary enclosure with ported chambers in front of and behind each transducer.

Periodic says it took a no-compromise approach to its transducers, choosing “superior metals” for each model: pure beryllium for the Be ($299), pure titanium for the Ti ($199), and a high-magnesium content magnesium/aluminum alloy for the $99 Mg entry model. All models use a single wideband dynamic transducer design, which is said to improve sound quality by eliminating the crossover network.

Each model is equipped with a 1.6-meter pure copper cable featuring a Litz construction and durable polyethylene terephthalate jacket. Described as “low microphonic,” the cable is secured by rubber strain reliefs and guides and terminates with a gold-plated-brass miniplug.

To ensure comfort and a proper fit, all models include small, medium and large ear tips, made of silicone and memory foam. Each model comes with a carry tin, a gold-plated ¼-inch jack, and airplane adapters.

“Our team has worked with some of the biggest brands in entertainment,” Wiggins said. “We strongly believe that great audio reproduction should be accessible and easy to experience, and we have used this as the guiding principle for our new designs.”

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