"Star Trek" returning to theaters for 2 weeks

StartrekCritics and fans agree: the Star Trek reboot was pretty awesome. It re-imagined the classic story with spot-on actors, fantastic action scenes, and a storyline that managed to both honor and remain consistent with the original series. Well, if you missed it, you'll have a chance to catch it again this Friday. Star Trek is returning to 85 IMAX screens for a two-week engagement, starting Sept. 4. Gizmodo has put up a list of the theaters across the country that will be showing the movie.

Unfortunately, many of the "IMAX" screens on the list are the dreaded "IMAX Digital" screens, which are significantly smaller than the fill-your-entire-field-of-vision "real" IMAX screens you might be used to. Huge-screened or not, though, a chance to see Star Trek in theaters one more time is more than welcome.

Will Greenwald