Spreading the Digital TV Gospel Worldwide

Last week, an important milestone in the development of broadcasting in China was marked with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between the Digital Video Broadcasting Consortium (DVB), a group committed to designing a global family of standards for the delivery of digital television, and the Academy of Broadcasting Science (ABS) of the State Administration of Radio, Film, and Television of China. The ABS is a research organization responsible for formulating recommendations for digital-television standards for China.

Over the last year, both the DVB and ABS have been working closely to establish a relationship through meetings, conferences, and demonstrations covering all aspects of digital-broadcasting technologies. The most recent demonstration included HDTV broadcasts from a transmitter in Beijing.

Dr. Helmut Stein, chairman of the Promotion and Communication Module of DVB, says that "DVB is honored to now be formally associated with ABS and welcomes its inclusion as a member of the DVB organization." He goes on to say that "the potential adoption of the DVB world-recognized standards for digital terrestrial television by China will allow the country to achieve an efficient and coherent satellite, cable, and terrestrial broadcasting infrastructure."

Stein adds that "the adoption of common standards will materially assist China to access the appropriate technology to provide a whole range of new and exciting broadcasting services to the Chinese people and provide the Chinese broadcasting and electronic industries with the opportunities to access world markets where DVB systems are increasingly being adopted."