Baby It's Cold Outside: Sound Huggle's Wireless Headphone Double as Earmuffs

Days are shorter, snow is on its way, and temperatures are plummeting. It’s getting cold and we’re all looking for ways to stay warm, without giving up our music. Sound Huggles are wireless Bluetooth headphones that double as comfy earmuffs. Okay, so I live in Florida and I’m still in shorts and flip-flops, but I know some of you are bundling up to head to work on frigid mornings or out for your evening jog. Wouldn’t a pair of toasty-warm, snuggly headphones make your ears happy?

When I heard about the Sound Huggle campaign on Indiegogo ($117), I was amazed that no one had thought of this sooner. Why not combine wireless Bluetooth headphones and earmuffs? As someone who grew up in the north, I know how uncomfortable it is to use both at the same time. Even the smallest profile earbuds are uncomfortable under any earmuff that offers enough warmth to be useful.

The Sound Huggle are covered in an acrylic micro-thermal weave that is available in three colors. The Charcoal Grey are a simple fleece, while the Ruby Red and Dorian Grey are a cable-knit with a fuzzy finish on the inside of the earcups. My review sample was the fuzzy knit grey. Power and volume controls are embroidered into the finish, subtle, but practical.

The Huggle are designed to withstand the cold temperatures of winter. The headband uses a polymer tested down to 23 degrees, so use caution if folding them in really cold temps. According to the Indiegogo page, they can handle being run over by a car, but I didn’t really want to put them to that particular test. The headband can be bent into a variety of angles, so it can be used on top of the head or around the neck if worn with a hat or helmet. For transporting, the Sound Huggles fold into a neat hamburger shape.

I received a prototype sample, and was suitably impressed. The Sound Huggles will not replace your high-end headphones, but for casual listening, they are more than adequate. The frequency response is listed as 20Hz - 20kHz, and being over-ear headphones, have the advantage of being able to use a full-size 40mm driver.

Given the amount of material covering the speakers, I expected a muffled, veiled sound, but that wasn’t true at all. The high end was clear and sharp; if anything, I would have prefered it to be a little less harsh at very loud levels - female vocals had a little too much edge in their upper range. The sound was clear and detailed. They produce a good amount of bass, but it feels a little uncontrolled at loud levels, and not as tight and impactful as I would like. Deep drums and bass instruments lacked definition and detail. Overall, and forgive me for saying this, but I would prefer a warmer sound with less highs and a richer bass.

The Sound Huggles are just what most of you need for a cold commute or chilly jog, combining acceptable sound and snuggly comfort, all with wireless Bluetooth ease. They are fully funded on Indiegogo, and expect to ship by January. Too bad, because they would make an ideal stocking stuffer. That's okay; for many people, it will still be cold enough in January.