Sony's Paper-Thin OLED

Sony just OLED the cat out of the bag. At a display expo in Japan this week - one that U.S. consumers and enthusiasts are hardly aware of - Sony showed that it can do a lot better than its 11-inch, 3mm thick XEL-1 OLED TV (which is already ahead of the rest of the industry).

Sony showed off a prototype this week of another 11-inch OLED screen, but this one is ten times thinner than the original at .3mm. Granted, a TV this thin would probably take years to make it from the development stage to store shelves, and would probably cost more than most Americans earn in a year to purchase, but it is exciting just to know that it is possible. A .3mm screen is paper-thin. In a Minority Report future, these "TVs" could serve as newspapers. Or, they could be pasted to a wall. Any way you look at it, a .3mm OLED TV is an engineering feat. Sony, please bring this screen to CES in January so we can gawk at it stateside. -Rachel Rosmarin