Sony's HDD DRV with DTV Tuner

Sony has just released the BRX-A320, a hard-disc drive DVR with an impressive 320 GB storage capacity. It comes integrated with a digital tuner to capture OTA digital broadcasts. With that much storage, the BRX-A320 can record up to 27 hours of HD TV, 55 hours of standard-def TV, or up to 249 in a long-playing standard-def, lower-quality mode.

It is said to be compatible with most BRAVIA TVs, and it's not clear what would be incompatible about it - it has an HDMI interface - what's incompatible about that?

Currently, the BRX-A320 will only be available in Japan for about $415 US. Do you want to see it relocate to the U.S.?  --Leslie Shapiro

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