Sony's Bravia: All Washed Up?

We talk a lot about TV features. Who has the biggest screen? Who has the thinnest screen? But, who has the wettest?


The Sony XDV-W600 is a small, portable Bravia TV. Plasma or LCD, you ask? This little guy has a 4" LCD panel. Don't worry if you don't get great TV reception in the bathtub (who would know?) it has built-in 2GB memory to record a bath time show (teletubby?), and an FM tuner for times when tunes are enough.

Need more details?

Xdv_w600_1_2 The XDV-W600 runs for 23 hours on batteries (internal and AA) so take an extra-long bubble bath. Problem is, this OneSeg device doesn't work in the US...yet.

The XDV-W600 is waterproof down to three feet for 30-minutes. Just long enough for an episode of The Office next time you're snorkeling. -Leslie Shapiro

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