Sony STR-DE998 A/V Receiver At A Glance & Ratings

At A Glance: Sony STR-DE998 A/V Receiver

Processing Modes: Dolby: Digital 5.1, EX, Pro Logic IIx DTS: DTS, ES, 96/24, Neo:6 Other: Multiple DSP modes
THX Certification: No
Number of Amp Channels: 7
Power Rating (watts per channel): 110, into 8 ohms
Frequency Response: –3 dB from 20 Hz to 20 kHz
Dimensions (H x W x D, inches): 6 x 16.75 x 16
Weight (pounds): 29.5 Price: $500


Video: component video (2), S-video (3), composite video (4)
Audio: coaxial digital (2), optical digital (3), 7.1-channel analog (1), stereo analog (8)

Video: component video (1), S-video (2), composite video (3)
Audio: optical digital (1), stereo analog (3), preamp (8)

AC outlet (2)

These listings are based on the manufacturer's stated specs; the HT Labs box below indicates the gear's performance on our test bench.

Ratings: Sony STR-DE998 A/V Receiver

Build Quality: 88
• Metal-nut, not plastic, binding posts
• Quality fit and finish
• Extra set of inputs on the front panel

Value: 89
• Among the better-performing models in the class
• Seven quality amp channels are still a bonus at this price

Features: 88
• Switchable rear/zone 2 channels are a real plus
• Front-panel S-video and optical digital inputs are handy

Performance: 91
• More musical than many $500 receivers
• Nice attention to detail
• Surprising warmth and tonal balance

Ergonomics: 88
• Remote is above par
• Onscreen guide is a bonus
• Setup is quick and painless

Overall Rating: 89
The STR-DE998 is a quality receiver at the right price. Competition is expansive at the $500 mark, but this model deserves a listen as an entry-level model, an upgrade from the $250 range, or an almost-all-in-one theater for a secondary listening area.

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STR-DE998 A/V Receiver, $500
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