Sony STR-DA7100ES AV Receiver Measurements


All measurements were taken on the left channel. The Sony STR-DA7100ES's 2-channel analog frequency response, from the CD input to the speaker output in Source Direct mode, was –0.69dB at 10Hz, -0.19dB at 20Hz, +0.47dB at 20kHz, and -10.89dB at 50kHz. The response from the multichannel input to the speaker output measured –0.68dB at 10Hz, -0.19dB at 20Hz, _0.50dB at 20kHz, and -10.77dB at 50kHz.

The Dolby Digital frequency response (optical input to speaker output) measured -0.00dB at 20Hz and +0.50dB at 20kHz in the left channel, and -0.00dB at 20Hz and +0.39dB at 20kHz in the center. With the left-surround channel set to "small" and the crossover frequency set to 80Hz, the high-pass filter response was –6dB at 46Hz, –3dB at 79Hz, and +0.45dB at 20kHz. The subwoofer line output, normalized to the response at 40Hz, was -0.23dB at 20Hz, -3dB at 106Hz, and –6dB at 112Hz.

The S/N (A-weighted, 2.83V into 8Ω) measured –89.1dB. Gain measured 28.6dB, CD in to speaker out, with an 8Ω load and the level control set to +4.0.

THD+noise in 2-channel operation at 2.83V into 8Ω measured 0.047% at 20Hz, 0.047% at 1kHz, and 0.035% at 20kHz. At 2.83V into 4Ω, the corresponding results were 0.047% at 20Hz, 0.046% at 1kHz, and 0.036% at 20kHz.

Driving all seven channels into 8Ω, the Sony delivered 159Wpc at 20Hz and 123Wpc at 1kHz (to the nearest watt) before clipping (1% THD+noise). This measurement was repeated several times with the same unusual result. Into 4Ω, all seven channels operating, it delivered a more consistent 125Wpc at 20Hz and 127Wpc at 1kHz.

With only two channels operating, at 1kHz, the Sony clipped at 216Wpc into 8Ω and 294Wpc into 4Ω.—TJN