Sony STR-DA5400ES A/V Receiver Video Test Bench

Video Test Bench

The STR-DA5400ES uses the Genesis/Faroudja Cortez solution. The STR-DA5400ES doesn’t apply processing to HDMI signals, which is disappointing. The STR-DA5400ES does full processing of analog signals, including upconversion over HDMI. The Faroudja solution provided excellent, artifact-free performance in our deinterlacing tests with the analog-to-digital conversion to HDMI. It also properly deinterlaced analog HD and SD. I noticed some slight softening of color with SD analog signals being upconverted to 1080p, which resulted in a loss of fine detail in color. It retained luma resolution, and there were only minimal scaling artifacts such as ringing. The only caveat is that while it passes above white over analog, it clips below black. (Below black and above white were fine over HDMI.) The interface can be a bit frustrating, but overall the STR-DA5400ES is an excellent HDMI switcher and does a great job with HD analog signals.—KD