Sony Plans to Pump Up Products with Blu-ray

Sony was one of the earliest backers of the Blu-ray format, but continues to promote the format mainly through one product: the PlayStation 3. Looks like the company is finally wising up, and searching for ways to put its Blu-ray eggs into more than one basket.

At a press conference late last week, Sony president and electronics chief executive Ryoji Chubachi said the company plans to integrate Blu-ray technology into a wide range of "IT" products, including an LCD HDTV with a Blu-ray recorder. If Sony comes through with this product, it will be the first HDTV/Blu-ray combo set on the market. Bravia, Sony. Bravia. Er, that's bravo.

At the press conference, Chubachi lamented the fact that despite Sony's early entrance to the Blu-ray business, the company only dominates 20% of Blu-ray market share. By introducing a variety of new Blu-ray product, he hopes Sony can up its share to 50% by the end of 2008.

That would imply that Sony hopes some of these new products - such as that combo HDTV - will hit store shelves during 2008. Chubachi didn't hint at release dates for these new Blu-ray products, but he did say they will be available in a wide range of prices. In the meantime, what other "IT" products might benefit from a Blu-ray infusion? -Rachel Rosmarin