Sony KDL-55XBR8 LCD TV Measurements


Contrast & Resolution

Peak white level

  • Full screen: 35.0fL
  • 100 IRE window: 34.4fL
Black level: 0.000fL
Peak contrast ratio: N/A
  • 480i/p: 2.5% top/bottom, 3.5% sides
  • 720p: 2.5%
  • 1080i/p: 0%
Horizontal bandwidth at 1080i
  • HDMI/DVI: 37.1MHz
  • Component: 37.1MHz

Component input rolled off much more than HDMI, but 37.1MHz burst still visible.

The backlight was set to produce a comfortable peak-white level in a dark room. There was plenty of headroom to increase the backlight for lots of ambient light.

The black level was measured with local dimming on, resulting in a reading of 0fL on the light meter and an infinite peak contrast ratio. Of course, the practical contrast ratio is not infinite, but we have no way to measure it effectively in this case.

Grayscale & Color Temperature

The Warm 2 color-temp setting still tended toward blue except at the low end, which went a bit red.

After calibration, the grayscale fell closely in line with D65.

As expected, blue was dominant throughout the brightness range except at the bottom, where red poked through.

Post-cal color tracking was nearly perfect.

Color temperature tended to run high before calibration.

After calibration, the color temp was nearly perfect.

Color Accuracy

The Standard Color Space setting produced a nearly perfect color gamut.

The Wide Color Space setting was quite oversaturated. Needless to say, I used the Standard setting for my review.