Sony HT-ST5 Soundbar System Specs

Soundbar: 2.36 in mica-reinforced cellular fiber cone full-range driver (5), 2.36 in mica-reinforced cellular fiber cone woofer (2), 0.79 in polyester fabric diaphragm tweeter (2); 7 x 15 watts RMS (40 watts peak); 40.63 x 4.75 x 4.75 in (WxHxD); 13.45 lb
Subwoofer: 7 in cone woofer; 100 watts peak; 9.63 x 14 x 16.13 in; 24.25 lb
Inputs: HDMI (3), HDMI out with ARC (1); optical digital (2), RCA analog stereo (1), Bluetooth
Price: $800 (updated 12/10/14)

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(877) 865-7669

(877) 865-7669

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How does this compare to Monitor Audio ASB-2? I am mainly listening to music with an occasional movie once a week or two... I really want to avoid wires so a regular speaker system is a no go for me :)

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I haven't reviewed or demoed the Monitor so I can't assess its sound quality. Perhaps a reader who has tried it would like to say something? At a glance, it does cost several hundred more, and has AirPlay, whereas the Sony has only Bluetooth. Amazon is currently selling the Sony for $798. I'd call that a good deal for a high-end (in relative terms) soundbar.