Sony: HD Movie Downloads a Fad?

Talk about optimism. Howard Stringer, CEO of Sony, is quoted in The New York Times saying that he thinks that Blu-ray discs don't need to worry about digital downloads. What planet is he living on?

In the NYT article, Stringer said, "I don't think in this country it's going to be competitive." He believes that the Internet is so slow in the United States that people won't have the patience to wait 10-14 hours for a download. Has he ever waited for the Fed Ex guy to deliver a movie purchased online? Is it any faster?

Sony is one of the developers of Blu-ray, and of course, has a huge stake in its success. Sony's PS3 systems with built-in Blu-ray players are a big contributor to Blu-ray sales figures.

Bluray Other companies, such as Microsoft, TiVo, Apple, NetFlix and Amazon all will object to Stringer's claims, as they all have downloading options for sale, and future success at stake.

Blu-ray won the battle against HD DVD. Will they win the battle and lose the war?-Leslie Shapiro

Via TVPredictions