Sony Firmware Upgrade for Blu-ray BDP-S350

They promised, and now they've delivered. Sony has just released the firmware update for their BDP-S350 Blu-ray Disc Player to add BD-Live functionality, improved BD-Java compatibility, and better remote control sensitivity for  when the player's in stand-by mode.

How can you get the upgrade?

There are actually three options.

You can connect your BDP-S350 to the Internet and do a Network Update directly from the Sony upgrade Web page. Or, you can download the updates to your computer, burn a CD-R, and install it that way, or request a disc from Sony. With all three options, you'll need to add a 1GB USB flash drive to fully realize the benefits of BD-Live.

It's nice when a company promises something, and actually delivers. Let's hope more Blu-ray movies with desirable BD-Live features come out, now that it's so accessible on players. -Leslie Shapiro

Sony's download info here.