Sony Downloads - Not So Fast, PS3

Okay, so maybe when Sony reported that they were planning on downloads for its PS3 platform, they were a little optimistic. Turns out, they're only able to confirm that they can only offer downloads from one movie studio. Wanna take a guess at which movie studio that is?

Drumroll, please.  Sony will be downloading films from Sony Pictures!  Okay, no big surprise there, but it is interesting to note that no other studios are willing to commit at this point.Sony_logo

An article on has these additional details: Turns out Sony is thinking about offering more than the same features as Xbox Live. In addition to standard movie rentals, it's talking to potential partners about allowing users to transfer movie downloads to the PSP. It's also thinking about working with the company's own Blu-ray disc format so that users might be able to transfer a copy off the hi-def dics onto a PS3 or PSP (similar to the "digital copy" for iPods that some studios are starting to offer on DVDs).

While DRM issues still seem to be slowing down the download process, one thing is for sure. While studios such as Warner, New Line, Paramount, Fox, Disney, and MGM are already on XBox Live Video Marketplace, Sony's trying to get as many features added to their PS3 as possible. -Leslie Shapiro