Sony Debuts New Offerings for Fall

Autumn's shortening days and cooling temperatures bring people inside, where they can enjoy sports, the latest movies, and new network programming. Sony Electronics has introduced several new products to enhance the home theater lifestyle.

Big-screen TV fans should take a look at the KP-65XBR10W, a High Definition-compatible 65" rear-projector packaged with a companion receiver, the SAT-HD100 DirecTV AE Receiver. The big set will let you see all available formats in the best possible light: over-the-air digital TV, over-the-air analog TV, DirecTV HD and DirecTV standard definition. Simultaneous viewing of two programs in user-adjustable side-by-side windows and a zoom feature make the KP-65XBR10W a versatile performer. as well as zoom in to customize the size of the viewing window. The KP-65XBR10W TV is priced at $5,500; the SAT-HD100 receiver sells for approximately $700.

Folks whose home theater space won't accommodate a large rear projector may be interested in a direct-view CRT. Sony's top-of-the-line FD Trinitron WEGA XBR400 is available in both 32' and 36" models. WEGA televisions offer near HD quality picture viewing with new circuitry to enhance standard analog broadcasts. The 32" XBR400 is retailing at $2200; the 36" XBR400 is $2,700.

If your busy work schedule prevents viewing your favorite programs in real time, Sony's $400 SVR-2000 digital network recorder is a good solution. With integrated TiVo technology, the SVR-2000 is based on a 30-gigabyte hard-drive that records up to 30 hours of television programming at the standard setting, or up to nine hours at the highest quality (DVD-Video) setting. The unit allows users to play, pause, or rewind 'live' television broadcasts as they are being watched. A unique feature of the SVR-2000 is its one-touch transfers of programs to a Sony VCR for permanent archiving on videotape.

Movies on the go are great for business people who fly often. Sony's DVP-FX1 is a slim portable DVD not much bigger than three stacked DVD storage boxes. A rugged magnesium alloy casing insures durability while traveling. The DVP-FX1 doubles as a CD player, and comes supplied with a lithium ion battery for up to four hours of on-the-go use. Street price on the DVP-FX1 is $1,500.

Sony is also pushing the cross-platform frontier: the new DVP-S9000ES is a combination DVD and Super Audio CD player---the first video product to carry the prestigious 'ES' designation, which previously appeared only on Sony's top-of-the-line audio products. Super Audio CD is a groundbreaking new high-resolution audio format from Sony and its longtime research and marketing partner Philips Electronics. The DVP-S9000ES will appear at dealers in November at approximately $1500 retail. Rounding out the season's new offering is the first five-disc SACD Changer, the SCD-C333ES, for non-stop enjoyment of the best in recorded music. Also available in November, the SCD-C333ES will retail at $1200. Music fans with vast CD collections should take a look at another Sony disc spinner, the $400 CDP-CX450, a 400-disc "Megachanger," which includes lets users search by artists' names, and crossfade up to 800 selections.