Sony Bravia KDL-40V5100 LCD HDTV Settings


Unit-to-unit sample variations, the viewing environment, and the source might render these recommendations less than optimum. They are provided here only as a potentially useful starting place.

The settings here that are most likely to translate reliably from one sample to another are those involving specific features with only a few setting options, such as Color Space, Gamma, and Noise Reduction. The ones most likely to be subject to sample variations are video controls offering a wide range of settings. This will be particularly true for color temperature (gray scale) and color management adjustments (where available).

While experimenting with the user menus controls can do no damage and can easily be reset, we do not provide settings for service menu adjustments. Random alterations of such controls without detailed knowledge of what they do may corrupt a set's firmware. This will likely require extensive in-shop repairs that are not covered under the warrantee.

We strongly recommend that you find the optimum basic video settings for your sample by using one of the many display setup DVDs that are available, such as Digital Video Essentials (DVD) or DVE HD Basics (Blu-ray). A full calibration, particularly of the gray scale and color gamut, is best left to a trained and properly equipped technician such as those certified by the Imaging Science Foundation (ISF) or THX.

Picture Mode: Cinema
Backlight: Min
Picture: 80
Brightness: 57
Color: 45
Hue: G5
Color Temperature: Warm
Sharpness: 3
Noise Reduction: Off
Advanced Contrast Enhancer: Off
Gamma: Off
Clear White: Off
Live Color: Off
Advanced Settings

  • Cinemotion: Auto 1
  • Game Mode: Off
  • Motionflow: Off
  • White Balance:
    • Gain: Red Max, Green -3, Blue Max
    • Bias: Red 1, Green 2. Blue 4
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steve1971's picture

I have had the 46inch version of this tv for almost 2 years now and I will say without question its been one of the best HDTV's I have yet to own. Its so good that I wont be getting a new tv anytime soon to replace it. Yea it aint LED and and no it dont have the niche 3D or have all the fancy features of other high end tv's but it does what its supposed to do and thats deliever excellent Picture quality with a black level that makes you think that it is an LED model. Now days LED and haveing 3D along with built in steaming on tv's is all the rage but for me I dont need all that because for one if I want steaming features my Sony BD player does all that, 2 I dont like and never will like 3D and 3, yes I am gonna say it I will put my tv up against any LED tv and to my eye and to alot of my freinds eyes you cant tell the difference between an LED tv and my tv. Yes I DID say that and I will stick by my word. This is a hidden gem of a tv from Sony and I love it. Also it was a Home Theater top pick and to me it says alot.