Sony Bravia 'Hancock' Premiere

Bonus time for owners of Sony's Bravia Internet Video Link! Almost a full month ahead of its release on Blu-ray, Sony is offering their blockbuster hit, Hancock, starring Will Smith, as an At-Home Premiere. For just $9.99, October 28 through November 10, Bravia users can see the movie in either 720p or 480p, depending on bandwidth.

What makes this even more interesting?

If you're still longing for a hard-copy version, when you order this streaming rental, Sony will send you a free copy of Hancock on Blu-ray after its official release on November 24th. The movie is only viewable for 24 hours afterward you start streaming, so a copy is a pretty good idea.

This is the first time such a major picture is being released for home before the "packaged media release."

If you have a Sony Bravia with Internet Video Link, you've got nothing to lose, except $9.99. -Leslie Shapiro