Sony Big OLED One-Two Punch

After some breaking news a few weeks ago slamming the projected lifetime of their XEL-1 OLED screens, Sony has two exciting news stories.

Undaunted by bad press, Sony announced they're dumping $210 million into developing medium to large OLED panels, slated for fiscal 2009 releases. Samsung is still hoping to get their OLED monitors out in mainstream laptops and TVs, giving a healthy shot of competition to the OLED market.

What's the other big story?

Oledxel1profile_left_lgIn earlier reports on the limited lifespan of the XEL-1 OLED screen, it was discovered that the blue OLEDs were the first to go - significantly sooner than the red or green. Working with Idemitsu Kosan, Sony's reworking the blue OLEDs to produce the "world's highest level of luminous efficiency" with 28.5% internal quantum efficiency. While this development is expected to reduce the power consumption, we can only hope it will also increase the lifespan of the blue OLEDs.

Good news on all fronts. If you've seen these ultra-thin OLED screens, you'll know this is a one-two punch to get this technology to hit the mainstream.-Leslie Shapiro

Via Engadget