Sonos Playbase Review Specs

1 in dome tweeter (3), 2 in cone midrange driver (6), 5.25 in cone woofer; 28.35 x 2.28 x 14.96 in (WxHxD); 18.85 lb; optical digital audio input, Ethernet, Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g, 2.4 GHz)
Price: $699

Company Info
(800) 680-2345

(800) 680-2345

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This seems like a great device...but is not very useful with only one audio input. I have a cable box, blu-ray and Firebox hooked up...all would need audio inputs to make this work.

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The lack of multiple audio inputs on the Sonos Playbase and the earlier Playbar is deliberate and driven by the Sonos ethos that things should be simple to hook up and operate. Users are expected to connect the optical output of their TV to the Playbase and connect their HDMI sources to the TV, then use the TV remote (or a universal remote) to switch among devices. The problem with this is that your sound quality is reliant to some degree on your television's ability to pass a 5.1-channel Dolby Digital signal without downconversion to 2-channel Dolby Digital or PCM. These products contain a Dolby Digital decoder and provide their very best sound when receiving a 5.1 DD bitstream providing discrete information for front and surround channels. Secondarily, delivery of 2-channel Dolby Digital or a converted two-channel PCM signal through the optical input will engage the Playbase/bar signal processing to derive information for creation of the faux surround/spatial effects. Of course, the downside is that you're restricted to the information in the "core" Dolby Digtial bitstream or downconverted 2-channel signal -- no Dolby TrueHD or DTS HD-Master lossless tracks. But that's not what this product is for, and what it does do with the information it gets is quite extraordinary for any kind of standalone one-piece sound system.
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I agree with you ...but I think they have limited (probably purposefully) their potential customer base. ...I have optical outs on my various devices, but not on the tv

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The scoring for all the Sonos soundbars on here are inflated -- they should receive 3 stars for Features, not 4.5 stars. How can they get 4.5 stars when they do not support DTS of any kind, Atmos, HDMI inputs, HD/hires audio, and other features I can't think of right now?