Sonance iPort In-Wall Docking System for iPod At A Glance & Ratings

At A Glance: Sonance iPort In-Wall Docking System for iPod

Available Finishes: White
Dimensions (H x W x D, inches): 6.8 x 5 x 3.3
Weight (pounds): 0.75
Price: $598

Video: None
Audio: Analog stereo (1) via 3.5mm mini-jack
Video: Composite (1) via 3.5mm mini-jack
Audio: Analog stereo (1) via 3.5mm mini-jack
Included wall plate:
Audio: Analog stereo (1) RCA-type
iPort: FireWire, 5-pin connector, 8-pin connector, DC in
Wall plate: IR input, DC in

Included Accessories:
Stereo mini-plug-to-stereo mini-plug cable (1)
Firewire-to-DC adapter cable (1)
Cradle/back plate combos (3)

Ratings: Sonance iPort In-Wall Docking System for iPod

Build Quality: 88
• Secure, reliable connections within a rigid plastic structure
• iPod feels loose when docked so you can easily insert and remove it

Value: 83
• Ready to go for many possible A/V setups
• More accessories and a remote would be welcome

Features: 87
• Supports a variety of hookup options and iPod models
• Impressive home audio integration for the iPod, but the video feature is even more so

Performance: 89
• Excellent audio/video quality and no unpleasant surprises before, during, or after installation
• Turns your iPod into a home music server

Ergonomics: 90
• Stylistically matches the iPod and is easy to use, even if you have big man hands
• Well-thought-out conveniences like the RotoLock system make installation less stressful

Overall Rating: 87
Why didn't somebody think of this sooner? The ubiquitous, large-capacity iPod has all the makings of a potential home music server. Plus, the elegant iPort approach's cool factor is, frankly, off the charts.

General Information
iPort In-Wall Docking System for iPod, $598
(800) 582-7777
Highly recommended accessory: naviPro eX Wireless Remote Control, $50
TEN Technology,( 877) 518-4TEN

(800) 582-7777