Solar-Powered Sharp - Sunny Side Up

While other manufacturers are set on making the biggest and best displays, Sharp has taken a look at an oft-overlooked segment of society. At the G8 Hokkaido environmental summit, Sharp unveiled an LCD television that most folks would have walked right by - it's only a 26-inch diagonal. No big whoop. However, this is a real budget player that runs on a very cheap renewable energy source.

800pxthe_sun1 This experimental TV runs on solar power. It comes with a 26-inch solar panel that's just enough to power the television. Sharp has designed this set specifically for Third World applications, used in villages without AC power, or remote field applications. The Sharp model sips AC, using 30% less juice than its nearest competitor.

The specs don't suck - contrast ratio of 10,000:1 for the 20mm thick screen. Sharp hasn't revealed its price for the set, but has said that it's intended for people living below the poverty line earning less than $2 a day. Pray for lots and lots of sunny days for this population. -Leslie Shapiro

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