Society for Information Display Traces OLED History

To commemorate three decades of innovation and success in OLED technology in advance of Display Week 2017, the Society for Information Display (SID) has shared an infographic that traces OLED’s evolution from early R&D through its present day status as a major display technology.

From the SID press release: “Heralded for its high performance, image quality, and lifetime advantages, among other benefits, OLED technology has become a mainstream, 10 billion-plus dollar industry, continuing to grow and expand in applications spanning across mobile devices and wearables to home theater, automotive and AR/VR, and beyond.”

In the video below, Chris Brown, vice president of process engineering for Kateeva talks about the 30th anniversary of OLED and some of the remarkable developments on the horizon. “In the near future you’re going to be able to go to the store to buy your new mobile display and it’s going to be unfoldable. It won’t be limited to 8 inches or 5 inches. You might be able to unfold it into 10 or 15 inches. Flexible OLEDs are going to enable that development.”

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what a neat history about oled. didn't know this product has been develop for 30 years already. i thought this product was first develop about 15 years ago but it actually 30. good to know.

very nice video about oleds and what future oleds look like for smartphones and smartwatches. very cool pics on the video of foldable or how they called it unfoldable oled screens for smartphones.