Small Wonder -- RCA's New HD Camcorder

It is a small wonder. And I'm wondering why RCA uses quotes when it describes its "HD" EZ300HD on their Web page. Could it be because the EZ300HD maxes out at 720p? Lots of folks will harp on the low-quality of the EZ300HD, but with a retail price of $159, it's not bad for a throw-in-your-pocket camcorder that is definitely high-def, just not 1080p HD.

The EZ300HD will record 1280 x 720 in H.264 at 30 frames per second, and you can switch it to "YouTube Capture Mode." It has 2GB of internal memory and an SD memory card slot lets you add up to 16GB of memory. It has a still picture mode to capture 5 megapixel images.

What else does it do?

Ecrcaez300hdbk The EZ300HD has direct YouTube Uploading so you can easily use the Memory Manager to get your video on YouTube. You can connect directly to a TV too with either an AV cable or HDMI connection.

Although it can record up to 1 hour in HD on the internal memory, the rechargeable batteries will last two hours.

This isn't going to blow anyone away with its images, but for the price, it's a fun camera to have around. -Leslie Shapiro