Sly & the Family Stone: "Hits" Are Back!

You may recall that, in his review of the Sly and the Family Stone boxed set The Collection, Steve Simels wrote the following:

"For reasons I find unfathomable, Epic/Legacy chose not to include a remastered version of Greatest Hits in the slipcase of this so-called Collection. Which means that three of Sly's best and most famous songs - "Hot Fun in the Summertime," "Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)," and the transcendently gorgeous "Everybody Is a Star" - are nowhere to be found. Apparently, the label plans to reissue Greatest Hits separately this summer, but it should have been included in the set."

Indeed it should have.

Well, finally, on this coming Tuesday (the 28th), Epic/Legacy will release the remastered Greatest Hits, billed as "one of the greatest party records ever made!" They got that right. They also got the packaging right: a nice digpak, complete with the original vertical centerfold, plus the original liner notes, new liner notes, and extra photos.

Fun fact: The original notes were written by Morgan Ames, then the pop music editor of . . . High Fidelity magazine! Hooray for my alma mater and the early days of the audio press!

Speaking of the early days of the audio press: I return to Mr. Simels. He also wrote in his review of the boxed set:

"All of these reissues - both the Collection and the individual titles - are limited-edition releases. Once they're sold, they're gone (except for downloading, of course). That goes for the coming Greatest Hits, too. You have been warned."

Indeed you have. -Ken Richardson