Slinging iPhones

When is a feature release not a feature release? Sling Media just showcased their new feature for iPhones, not at the WWDC in San Francisco, but at the Starbucks across the street. Why would streaming TV to iPhones be kept so lowkey?

Apple hasn't officially accepted Sling into the developer program yet, so the SlingPlayer was being shown on a pre-alpha prototype hacked system. 
Slinglogoblackred_tmb Hopefully, after the official Apple announcement of the iPhone SDK and iPhone 2.0 firmware, Sling will be able to an official, final version for use by the general population.

Doubleshot Order up an icy Doubleshot Latte and wait for a mobile version of SlingPlayer on your iPhone.
-Leslie Shapiro

Check out Engadget for a preview video