SI's Reference Motorized screens are on the way

Screen Innovations has announced that its Reference Motorized projector screens are now shipping.

Like the name implies, SI took its Reference series of fixed screens and put it on a low voltage motor drive. Instead of feeding power directly to the motor, all it needs is 16-gauge, 2-conductor wire running from the gear closet/rack. It has a flush mount chassis, so it can be installed in-ceiling or on-ceiling with less bulk than other motorized screen systems.

The Reference line is SI's high-end series, boasting broad variety of choices for custom installation, including multiple sizes, shapes, and treatments. The Reference Motorized screens are available in Lunar HD .85 gray flat or weave, Gamma HD 1.1 white flat or wave, or Solar HD 1.3 white colors, and can be ordered in 4:3, 16:9/16:10, and 2.35:1/2.40:1 aspect ratios from 77 inches to 160 inches.

Because the screens are customized and have so many choices, SI hasn't released a specific price list. However, it can be expected that whatever size and shape the screen you want, it will probably fall under the category of Not Cheap.

- Will Greenwald