Showtime to Offer HDTV and Dolby Digital 5.1

Showtime Networks has begun offering its East and West Coast feeds in high-definition video mode with Dolby Digital 5.1-channel surround sound. Showtime is the first premium cable network to do so, the company claims.

Dolby Digital multichannel sound, combined with the spectacular video resolution of HDTV, creates the "premier home-theater experience," according to Showtime executive VP Mark Greenberg. "Showtime Networks is committed to providing the best entertainment experience possible," he commented. "Dolby Digital 5.1 lets our customers enjoy the highest-quality audio available on TV today, while watching some of their favorite programs in high definition on Showtime."

Tom Daily, marketing manager of broadcast products at Dolby Laboratories, said, "We believe that the launch of the HDTV format demonstrates Showtime Networks' commitment to staying at the forefront of digital programming. By adding electrifying sound to the spectacular video resolution provided by HDTV, Dolby Digital helps to create a sensational home-theater experience that puts the viewer right in the middle of the action."