Show Report: CE Week 2013

Today's the last day of CE Week, a trade show that functions as sort of a midyear mini-CES. Conferences and talks took up most of the week, but Wednesday and Thursday featured a tech showcase at Manhattan's Metropolitan Pavilion

While CE Week doesn't have CES's city-block-sized booths and hundreds of thousands of attendees, its two main showrooms featured hundreds of cool new tech products, and the show floors were packed with press and industry reps.

After two days of walking the floor in search of cool new gear, I've compiled a couple of photo galleries to show you the best stuff I found. One's just for headphones, and the other's for everything else.

Ritual apology time: This is all products I haven't seen before, so I apologize if I didn't include something I've already covered in other show reports. My focus is audio so I apologize to the video companies I ignored. I apologize to any other companies I overlooked. And I apologize to anyone whose foot I ran over with my bag.