The Shire goes green with Bag End Minima One amp

Bag End Minima OneI know, it's the second Lord of the Rings reference in a week, but this one was just begging for it. Bag End Loudspeaker Systems has announced that its Minima One amplifier has become greener and minima-er, thanks to its new smaller size and lower power consumption.

According to Bag End, the new Minima One amp weighs just 5 pounds and is "80-84% power efficient," which lets it put out 500 watts at 8 amps or 1,000 watts at 4 amps while consuming less electricity than the previous Minima One. The amplifier's new smaller size also makes it more environmentally friendly to store and ship, requiring less packaging and fuel.

Bag End hasn't yet released pricing or availability information for the Minima One, but the new amp will likely ship this summer, with pricing comparable to previous Minima One models.

Will Greenwald