Sharp the Latest TV Casualty

Sharp is pulling the plug on its U.S. television business, according to a report in

The news site reported that the Chinese electronics company Hisense is buying Sharp’s factory in Mexico for $23.7 million and will use the Sharp name as part of the deal.

Sharp joins several other high-profile Japanese brands—including Toshiba, Hitachi, Pioneer, and Mitsubishi—that have abandoned the hyper competitive TV category. Toshiba was the most recent Japanese brand to pull the plug back in February.

Full report here.

K.Reid's picture

not a big loss as far as I am concerned. the one good thing the company did was purchase the Elite name and bring out a reference TV. other than that there is nothing else I can say that was good about brand's flat panel displays. they were never reference quality...oh and the whole R G B plus Yellow was always suspect. Nah, not for me. their products were never as good as upper end Sony, Panasonic or Samsung. let them ride off into the sunset.