Severtson Projection Screen Boasts Removable Bezel

Severtson Screens, the 33-year-old family-run company that operates three production facilities in Sun Tan Valley, Arizona, has announced that it is now shipping the 4K Thin-Bezel Series of fixed projection screens.

Described as simple to assemble, the screens feature a sturdy, extruded-aluminum frame with a 3/8-inch-thick bezel that can be removed for an all-screen look with "virtually no size limitations;" screens can be ordered in sizes up to 66 feet high and 120 feet wide.

More than a dozen fully-tensioned screen materials are available with options for optical coating, perforation for acoustical transparency, and LED backlighting. The standard material is vinyl.

SAT-4K, one of the screen-material options, provides acoustic transparency allowing speakers to be placed behind the screen and can be ordered in a curved configuration.

Prices depend on material choice and size and start at $2,070 for a 16:9 screen.

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hk2000's picture

Come-on S&V you know better.

BTW, the removable bezel concept is not new, my Elite Screens Aeon CineGrey 3D comes with an "optional" 3/8 inch bezel- you can attach it or not, they don't call it removable, but that's what it is. Trust me, the screen w/o the bezel just doesn't look as good, and it's very hard to get the image perfectly aligned without the aid of some black border to hide some of the edge anomalies.