Sennheiser sounds the casting call

Casting Call imageSennheiser calls it the ultimate summer job. I call it a pretty interesting marketing campaign. Either way, it might be your ticket to spending the summer gallivanting around the continent in the name of high-end headphones.

The company is sending two teams of six (one team of boys, the other team of girls) to different shows and events across the U.S. and Canada in a 10-week competition to see who can make headphone promotion more interesting. The teams will try to put headphones on as many people as possible, and weekly webisodes will let viewers behold their antics.

It's a fairly unique opportunity, especially for anyone interested in pursuing a public relations or marketing career. Sennheiser is actually treating it somewhat like a job, and underneath the "contest" theme is significant audition/application process.

To enter the contest, you must record a video showing why you're the best choice for the position. Once you've put together your music video/video resume/absurdist short film, you can post it to either or the "Sennheiser Sound Tour" Facebook page. Once you've done all that, you still need to send an actual resume to Sennheiser@thejetstargroupcom, along with a link to wherever you posted the video.

Final candidates will be selected this Friday, so pick up that camcorder and get to work!

Will Greenwald