"Scrubs" on ABC in HD, Just in Time

Scrubs has moved from SD on NBC to HD on ABC. Alphabet soup aside, all those letters might not matter much if rumors are true that this is the last season for the comedy. 

Scrubs was on NBC in standard def, surrounded by HD shows for way too long. The HD version will premiere on ABC midseason. Could this be its final year?

Star Zach Braff has said that he senses this is his final year. But, ABC execs think that they can cycle in new stars similar to how NBC's ER uses the revolving-door cast - Clooney out, Stamos in.

We hope Scrubs' premiere season in HD won't be its last. The show's creator Bill Lawrence wrote the finale four years ago, and said they might reveal the name of the janitor.  "When you hear the janitor's name, the show's over."
Scrubs2 Tune in and keep those ratings up. We need more smart comedies, especially in HD. -Leslie Shapiro

Via Reuters

Photos courtesy of NBC